• Recruitment Procedure

    Requirement/Demand :

    Advertisements :
    Following the authorization from our clients, we publish openings for a particular profession, with complete job description in the leading newspapers and other popular media.

    Selection Panel :
    The Selection Panel which is comprised is highly experienced experts decides the eligibility of candidates for selection and short listing.

    Medical Checkup :
    The candidates that are selected are sent for medical check up in a medical center, which is authorised by the country where the candidates will be placed.

    Prescreening :
    We conducts pre-employment and background verifications. we have contracted with an employment background check firm to perform key verifications with special attention

    Interview and Trade Test :
    The short listed candidates are called for an interview. They are interviewed by our selection panel and the representatives of our clients. They subject the candidates to a trade test to check the authenticity of the trade of the candidates.

    Mobilization Period and Dispatch of Workers :
    Only medically certified fit candidate are processed further for visa issuance or visa endorsement. Upon such visa issuance / endorsement, we make all necessary arrangements for the candidates travel to the destination country. From the time a candidate is selected till he/she is deployed, the client as well as the candidate are provided with status information whenever required. Normally it takes about two to four weeks to mobilize workers after receipt of the original requirements/documents from the employers.